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The Impact of Age on Fertility

On a daily basis, I get a lot of couples suffering from fertility related issues whom I counsel. Quite a few of these cases are those of secondary infertility, which means that...

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Understanding Male Infertility – The First Step to Getting Pregnant

Couples get married because they love one another and because they want to have a family. It is understandable that they get anxious when they do not get pregnant. This can be...

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Understanding Some Commonly Adopted Late Term Abortion Methods at Abortion Clinics

Abortion is a medical term, which means terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This is a complicated process that needs to be supervised by professional doctors and trained medical staff. The risk associated with...

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Saraogi Hospital – Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai

Saraogi hospital was established in 1980 with the single objective of providing the best in gynaecological and obstetric care to women across the city. A lot has changed over the last 35...

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