Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), also known as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), is a standard fertility procedure. It aids in the transfer of sperm from the vagina to the fallopian tubes by overcoming natural barriers.

The IUI procedure involves introducing sperms into the uterus, where they will continue their path toward the egg cells and fertilize them to achieve pregnancy.

What is the IUI treatment cost in Mumbai?

The IUI treatment in Mumbai is one of the common and least costly fertility treatments compared to IVF, ICSI, and IMSI. IUI is a less invasive and less expensive alternative to IVF. As a result, it is also the preferred choice for single women and lesbians who choose to get pregnant using donor sperm.

The cost of IUI treatment in Mumbai differs from patient to patient based on several factors such as follows-

  1. Location: The cost of IUI can vary depending on where you live and the specific clinic you go to. Prices tend to be higher in major cities or areas with a high cost of living.
  2. Clinic and Facility Fees: Different clinics may have varying fee structures, including different charges for consultations, lab work, and the IUI procedure itself.
  3. Number of Cycles: The success rate of IUI can be relatively low, and some couples may require multiple cycles to achieve pregnancy. Each cycle incurs additional costs.
  4. Diagnostic Tests: Before undergoing IUI, you may need to undergo a variety of diagnostic tests such as blood tests, ultrasounds, or sperm analysis. These tests add to the overall cost.
  5. Insurance Coverage: The cost of IUI can be significantly affected by whether or not you have insurance coverage for fertility treatments. Some insurance plans may cover part or all of the costs associated with IUI, while others may not cover fertility treatments at all.
  6. Additional Procedures: If additional procedures such as ultrasound monitoring or other treatments (e.g., intracytoplasmic sperm injection) are required, they can increase the overall cost.
  7. Experience and Reputation of the Clinic: Clinics with more experienced staff or higher success rates may charge more for their services.

Embrace hope and fertility with advanced IUI treatment in Mumbai

The following are the steps involved in IUI treatment:

1. Stimulation of Egg Formation:

To promote the growth and development of eggs, the fertility specialist will administer oral or injectable drugs to the female patient. These injections are given in the areas of the stomach or the upper part of the thigh.

Depending on how the ovaries respond, the patient will need to take oral medicine for five days and injectables for eight to twelve days.

Stimulation of Egg Formation - IUI Tretment

2. Ultrasound monitoring and Blood testing:

When taking injectable drugs, the patient can need ultrasound monitoring every two or three days to check the ovaries and egg growth.

Blood testing helps to track hormone levels linked to egg development and ovarian function. The fertility experts ensure that everything is running well through this checking and tracking.

3. Ovulation induction:

The doctor administers injectable (trigger-shot) to the patient. It causes ovulation in around 36 hours. The shot may be provided by a nurse at the clinic or self-administered at home.

Stimulation of Egg Formation - IUI Tretment

4. Sperm Preparation:

A sperm sample from the male partner is provided, or a donor sperm sample is thawed and treated in the lab. The technician will wash the sperm sample and remove immobile sperm and waste materials in the semen during preparation. We will get a high-quality sperm sample at the end.

Sperm Preparation - IUI Tretment

5. Insemination Procedure:

A woman lies on a check-up platform, precisely as she does with a routine pelvic exam. The fertility specialist would use a small, long, adjustable catheter to insert the sperm sample into the uterus. The entire procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes.

Insemination Procedure - IUI Tretment

6. Pregnancy Testing:

Follow-up blood tests or a urinary pregnancy test kit can evaluate pregnancy within two weeks of insemination.

Pregnancy Testing - IUI Tretment

Embrace hope and fertility with advanced IUI treatment in Mumbai

Why choose Saraogi Hospital for IUI treatment in Mumbai?

Saraogi Hospital is one of Mumbai’s leading fertility care centres. Many couples who had no hopes of becoming parents have found eternal happiness through our advanced fertility services, including IUI treatment in Mumbai.

We have a team of infertility experts having decades of experience. We provide comprehensive infertility treatments for both men and women.

When treating eggs and sperms, we strictly adhere to standard protocols.

Our IVF centre in Mumbai has cutting-edge medical technology for fertility treatments. We use the most up-to-date methods and provide all of our services at a reasonable price.

  • Since IUI would not need the removal of eggs from a woman’s uterus, there is a lower chance of complications.
  • The IUI treatment does not necessitate the use of sedation or general anaesthesia. So, there is no risk of pre and post-operative complications.
  • The IUI will even help a woman who wants to get pregnant with a donor’s sperm.
  • IUI is also beneficial in male factor infertility, cervical problems, unexplained infertility, and ejaculatory dysfunction.
  • For women with a history of infertility, lesbians, or single women, IUI combined with ICSI as part of IVF will improve pregnancy rates and success.

Who should consider IUI treatment?

IUI treatment is a good option in the following cases:

Men with low sperm count or sperm motility may use IUI to give their sperm a head start by injecting it directly into the fallopian tube.Women with extreme cervical mucus hostility can benefit from the IUI treatment. This condition affects sperm survival before it attaches to the egg.

IUI is best for women who have a high-quality egg supply and stable fallopian tubes. We may obtain high-quality sperm samples from a donor or a male partner. Patients who have trouble with vaginal intercourse due to physical difficulty or psychosexual issues can benefit from IUI.

IUI is helpful in cases where donor sperm is needed due to severe male infertility or lack of sperm in the husband. Experts also recommend IUI in cases of cervical infections and endometriosis in the female partner.

Let our expert team at Saraogi Hospital support you in conceiving a child through IUI treatment in Mumbai. Contact us and plan a consultation with our fertility specialist.

Experience the joy of parenthood with personalized IUI treatment at Saraogi Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

The success rate of IUI treatment is approximately 15% to 20%. However, the success rate is influenced by a variety of factors outside the doctors’ control. However, compared to IVF, the efficacy rates of IUI are lower.

IVF is the process of fertilizing an ovum and sperm outside of the uterus in a laboratory. The resulting embryos are first implanted into the uterus by the infertility doctor. However, in IUI, fertilization occurs after the sperm is injected directly into the uterus.

The sperm does not come out once it is injected into the uterus. Wetness may occur after the IUI process, but this is due to the catheter loosening the cervical mucus.

Often, IUI fertilization will occur in a day or two after the procedure. Sperm can last for up to seven days within the female reproductive tract. If ovulation is delayed, sperm could fertilize the egg up to seven days later.

IUI is much less effective than IVF, and couples may need numerous rounds before conceiving, bringing the total cost closer to half that of IVF.

This procedure has an extremely low risk of any other medical issues or congenital impairments. As a result, IUI is risk-free. In most cases, there are no severe complications associated with IUI. However, specific problems may develop.

Compared to IVFICSI, and IMSI, IUI is one of the most common and least expensive reproductive treatments in Mumbai. At Saraogi, we charge Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 for IUI treatment in Mumbai. IUI is a less invasive and less costly method of conception than IVF. As a result, it is the favoured method for single women and lesbians who wish to conceive using donor sperm. IUI treatment cost in Mumbai varies from one patient to the next, depending on various criteria such as location, experience and reputation of the clinic, insurance coverage, diagnostic tests etc.