The advancement of In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is like a blessing to childless couples. Although IVF has helped many couples fulfil their dream of being parents, they always question their IVF doctor whether the newborn child would be healthy.

And this question is not baseless; it stems from the worries they have for their unborn child and the treatment. So, today we will answer this question, which might have crossed your mind as well.

Before we begin, these are some crucial benefits of an IVF treatment:

  • Works better than other infertility treatments
  • Anyone can use it through a surrogate or gestational carriers
  • Reduces chances of having a miscarriage
  • Conceive regardless of age

What are the Common Beliefs about IVF?

Many people believe that:

  • Babies born through assisted reproductive techniques are not as healthy as naturally born babies.
  • IVF babies are born with birth abnormalities and malformations.
  • They also believe that IVF babies delivery happens only through cesarean delivery or C-section.

However, researchers around the world are working hard to try and put an end to such false beliefs. They have presented many researched materials that prove the beliefs mentioned above are baseless. These researches also do not support the claim that IVF babies are not as healthy as naturally born babies.

So, before we make a point that healthy babies are born through IVF, you have to know the difference between a natural conception and conceiving through IVF.

How is IVF and Natural Conception Different?

There is not much difference between IVF and natural conception. The most crucial stage of any conception is fertilization of eggs by the sperms, which exists in IVF.

In the natural process, fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube inside your body. However, in an IVF procedure, fertilization occurs in a dish inside a special lab specially designed for this procedure.

In natural conception, the embryo formed inside the fallopian tube travels to the uterus implanting itself naturally for pregnancy. In contrast, a lab-created embryo or embryos is implanted in the uterus through artificial means.

After the embryo implants itself in the uterus, the stages that come after in IVF are the same as natural conception. Through logical reasoning, you will know that an IVF baby’s health is not at all at risk in this scenario. These babies can be equally healthy and disease-free as a baby born through natural conception.

Do IVF Babies bear higher Health Risks?

It is true that babies born through IVF do have some problems and don’t always come risk-free, some of the risks with an IVF baby include:

  • Premature Birth
  • Low birth weight
  • Neonatal death (few cases)

IVF babies are at a high risk of congenital birth problems and neurological disorders than naturally born babies. Sometimes, babies conceived through IVF or any assisted reproduction procedures may develop autism or other learning disabilities.

However, the factors responsible for these abnormalities could be male or female fertility and the age of parents. It is not the IVF procedure itself that is at fault.

Some researchers have also found a higher risk of multiple births. This risk occurs because experts transfer more than a single embryo to maximize your chances of getting pregnant compared to singleton births.

So if you are looking to go for twins or have multiple embryos transferred through your IVF treatment, ask your doctor regarding all the risks that come along with multiple birth scenarios.

Should you go for an IVF?

Considering all the facts we have mentioned to you, going for an IVF might seem risky. However, it is still a chance for couples unable to expect a baby in a normal process.

However, do not be in the thought process that IVF babies are not born healthy; it is not the case. Most babies born with the help of an IVF process are completely healthy, both physically and mentally, assuring the process’s success. If you follow the necessary precautions advised by your IVF specialist, you can have a bundle of joy and happiness, something that you want. So if you are look for IVF treatment, with an affordable cost in Mumbai, then do visit Saraogi hospital. We offer the most affordable IVF cost in Mumbai.