There is a direct relationship between smoking and fertility. Research says that smoking can make you infertile. Near about 13% of infertility related cases develop from smoking.

People in Mumbai are facing problems related to infertility vividly. Smoking is one of the causes of the rapid increase in the cases of infertility in Mumbai. But people cannot even understand how dangerous is smoking for their fertility issues. It can create hindrance if they opt for IVF treatment in Mumbai as well.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the effects of smoking on your fertility.

It is a well-known fact that, in comparison to women, men are more prone to smoking. Smoking releases about five thousand very harmful chemicals; hence, men are more likely to develop infertility due to smoking.

Not only infertility, but smoking can also affect your health in numerous ways. All these include complications related to your heart, lung, and many more. In severe cases, it can develop cancer as well.

So, if you plan to have a baby, you and your partner must stop smoking as early as possible.

So, how does smoking affect male fertility?

Both active and passive smoking can harm men. It is so severe that it can damage your DNA structure too. As a result, it can affect your partner with miscarriage also. Even it can create a problem with your unborn child as well.

Smoking affects your sperm directly. The toxic elements present in smoking hamper your sperm quality and change their DNA structure. It is so harmful that it can disturb your sexual performance as well. Hence, it can lead you to impotence.

So, how does smoking disturbs female infertility?

Smoking, whether active or passive, includes the following adverse effects on women’s fertility.

  • It can lead to miscarriage.
  • You may experience an ectopic pregnancy.
  • You can feel infertility.
  • Even menopause too.

Passive smoking can affect the low rate of pregnancy as well. It can act in the loss of ovum problem with your ovaries too. Hence, you may suffer from difficulties with pregnancy.

It can instigate problems in IVF treatment too.

Now let us discuss how smoking affects fertility treatment:

For couples, who are incapable of having children due to various complications, the IVF treatment can bring a smile to their faces. But smoking can create a hindrance in your IVF treatment also. Infertility treatment and their medicines may not work correctly in case you are a smoker. You may require higher dosages of drugs. As a result, it will incur higher costs.

In severe cases, you will need to repeat IVF treatment sessions.

So, let us discuss the effects of smoking on your pregnancy and your baby:

Smoking is so bad that it can even cause death during pregnancy. Even women who are open to active or passive smoking may give birth to a premature baby. This premature baby suffers from several critical conditions like underdeveloped organs, low birth weight, low lung capacity, etc. Hence, they need extra care after birth.

Smoking adversely impacts your baby’s brain development too. If you have experienced smoking during your mother’s womb, you are more prone to infertility as well.

However, you can become routine and improve your fertility if you quit smoking. So, we advise that you should stop smoking three months before your infertility treatment. If you follow this, then you will cure your infertility.

Not only quitting smoking and having the right infertility treatment will help you to overcome the issue. You will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle to experience the best result of your fertility treatment.

These include-

  • Reduce the level of all the toxic elements in your body. It would be best if you did regular exercise.
  • Reduce extra weight if you are overweight, as it is evident that obesity has a direct adverse relation to infertility.
  • Avoid all junk foods, alcoholic drinks, sweets, and oily foods like fries. Maintain a healthy diet that contains fresh citrus food like lemon, orange, etc.
  • Drink plenty amount of water. Water is essential in keeping your body hydrated. It increases the flow of your urine and helps in excretion.
  • Try to meditate to stay calm and positive.
  • Avoid your smoke buddies and spend time with your non-smoker friends and family.
  • Last but most importantly, follow the suggestion that we will give you.

So, if you want to know more in details, then contact us right here. Till then, stay healthy.