If your doctor has informed you that you are infertile, IVF is the best way to become a parent. Let us first clarify what IVF is if you are unfamiliar with the procedure.

When you are diagnosed with infertility, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) is a treatment that helps you become pregnant. Avail of the affordable IVF cost in Mumbai at Saraogi Hospital.

Female eggs and male sperm are fertilized in a special lab during this process. It takes place under the guidance of an IVF expert.

After completing the embryo development, our doctor injects it into the mother’s uterus.

Some of the reasons why you should choose IVF regardless of your age include:

When compared to other fertility treatments, the success rate is high. It also has a better success rate for infertile couples.

If the first IVF cycle fails, you have the option of trying again.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the development of fertilized eggs, please contact us. Often the eggs or sperm are of poor quality or unhealthy. In this case, we can provide you with donated eggs and sperms.

When it comes to menstrual cycle delays or disturbances, IVF treatment can improve.

IVF therapy will assist you in coping with miscarriage, i.e., IVF reduces the risk of miscarriage.

You can also control the duration of your pregnancy by freezing your eggs or embryos.

If you have a blocked fallopian tube, endometriosis, or other fertility issues, IVF treatment increases the chances of becoming pregnant.

If you have a low sperm count or have testicular sperm, IVF will help you as well.

Now that you have heard about IVF therapy’s advantages, you can determine if it is right for you or not. Now let us move on to the next subject.

When should you consider IVF treatment?

When it comes to IVF, age plays a significant role. Women in their 20s and 30s have a high success rate for IVF implantation and pregnancy.

The IVF procedure’s success rate by age:

  • The achievement rate for people in their 30s and 35s is 37%.
  • 35–37 years old: 31% success rate
  • At the age of 38–40, the success rate is 21%.
  • We have seen 11% success rate between the ages of 41 and 42.
  • Over the age of 42, the success rate is 4%.

After the mid-thirties, the rate of success decreases. This is because the eggs in your ovaries become old as well. These eggs lose their ability to fertilize as they mature, reducing your chances of implantation.

You can expect around 12% of the 300,000 eggs you were born with at the age of 30. However, Just 9000 of these eggs remain by the age of 40.

When you enter menopause (around the age of 50-55), your ovary has very few eggs left, and they are not so useful.

As a result, you would have a higher success rate for IVF therapy when you are in your twenties to mid-thirties.

If you want to try IVF after menopause, you have two options:

You may use any eggs that have been frozen at a previous time. You may also choose to use a donor’s eggs, which can be fresh or frozen.

You can implant embryos derived from a donor’s egg if your uterus is ready.

In such circumstances, your child will not be linked with you genetically. You do, however, share a physical bond through pregnancy and childbirth.

Since an egg donor usually is younger and healthier, you can receive many healthy eggs. Your male partner may also be the baby’s father.

Your uterus can still carry out a healthy pregnancy well after menopause sets in. So, even though you are over 50, you still have a decent chance of getting pregnant by IVF.

Saraogi hospital has a team of specialist doctors who provide the best IVF cost in Mumbai. They have worked in the area of IVF for a long time.

They will provide you a detailed evaluation that involves several tests and diagnoses. These will assist in determining and confirming the effectiveness of IVF implantation.

IVF therapy will help you to fulfill your dream of being a parent, regardless of your age.

  • IVF treatments: In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a fertility treatment that involves combining sperm and eggs in a lab. The quality of the resultant embryos is determined, and one or more are implanted into the uterus via the cervix. For infertile couples, IVF treatment is a blessing.
  • IUI (intrauterine insemination) treatment: IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a relatively straightforward fertility procedure. It can be carried out with or without the use of fertility medications. The treatment entails inserting a thin catheter into the uterus and transferring semen that has been cleaned in a specific way directly into the uterus.
  • ICSI: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is a laboratory process in which an individual sperm is inserted directly into an egg during IVF treatment. If there is a difficulty with sperm quality or quantity, this can aid achieve fertilization during regular IVF treatment.
  • Fertility tests such as PGD and PGS also help in reducing the risk of pregnancy failure by assuring that only the healthiest and the best-quality embryos get deposited in the uterus.


Repeated pregnancy failure isn’t the time to lose hope and give up on your dreams!

Instead, it is the time to find new hope and get closer to your dream by doing infertility treatments such as IVF or IUI from the best IVF doctor in Mumbai! Yes, treatments such as IVF and IUI give a new hope and take you closer to your dream of becoming a mother.

So, now is the time to take a step closer to your dream by visiting the best IVF specialist in Mumbai!

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