Many couples in Mumbai have infertility. For such couples, IUI treatment in Mumbai can become the starting point. For an IUI procedure to be successful, you may need to take precautionary steps.

Your infertility doctor will show you at what stage you can improve your chances of having a healthy pregnancy. In this article, we have discussed some steps you can follow to reach your dream of becoming a parent.

Do’s after an IUI Procedure

We have mentioned some steps that you can take after your IUI procedure. The steps might improve your chances of a successful and healthy pregnancy:

Take rest

Your doctor will ask you to rest for many minutes once they insert sperms into your uterus. Even after you get discharged from the hospital, have full rest for some days to avoid discomfort. It is useful if you stop doing any household work or travel. You should rest immediately if you feel any discomfort or pain.

Eat healthy diet

Following the IUI procedure, your specialist will suggest you have a balanced and healthy diet. It would be best if you stayed healthy and fit to encourage fertilization. Consuming a healthy diet will complete all the essential nutrition needed for IUI success. To enhance the pregnancy chances, eat foods high in Vitamin D.

Stay positive

Anxiety and stress can make the IUI procedure a failure. It is best if you always remain positive. Few internal functions and hormone release following an IUI procedure depends on your mental health. Hence, it will help if you remain mentally fit. Take part in few productive things so that you can avoid negative thoughts.

Do light exercise

After few days of insemination, you can begin performing few exercises. It will enhance the blood flow in the uterus and other reproductive parts. We suggest performing stretches and yoga after having some days of rest.

Visit the doctor

Your doctor may need to measure your hormone levels and the chances of becoming pregnant. They give hormonal support and increase the IUI success rate. Following a week of insemination, the right thing you should do is visit your doctor. Additionally, they can show you the way to confirm pregnancy.

Take prescribed medicines

To improve fertilization’s chances, your doctor might prescribe some medications. Ensure you follow the doctor’s instructions and have the medicines accordingly. You must always follow the details mentioned above. Your specialist might provide some other recommendations as per your health condition.

Dont’s after an IUI Procedure

Few things that you should avoid following your IUI procedure are mentioned below:

Don’t take pain relief medicines

Following the IUI treatment, you may face pain and cramps, which is very common. However, you must altogether avoid having painkillers. If you are in a lot of pain, consult your specialist before having it. Having painkillers may lower the IUI success chances.

Avoid stress

Following an IUI procedure, do not stress. It affects the hormone’s balance in your body, which impacts the chances of a healthy pregnancy. Some couples have conceived after 14 trials. So, you need not worry about the IUI’s failure on the first try. IUI failures can happen, but you can always go for more than a single try.

Avoid heavy lifting

Avoid carrying heavy things. It is among the essential things to avoid as it may bring cramps and sometimes injure the uterus’ lining.

Avoid swimming

Although the IUI procedure’s success has no direct link to swimming, yet you should avoid it for forty-eight hours after insemination. You should prevent pool water in all cases as it contains a high chance of bringing infections.

Don’t expose yourself to harmful radiation

Avoid work hazards and harmful radiation exposure. Following the IUI procedure, you must avoid handling high radiation machines and chemicals. Even after pregnancy, we recommend you to be away from any radiation form. Direct sunlight exposure or heat for longer periods can reduce pregnancy chances.

Do not smoke or drink

Drinking, smoking, or drug abuse will bring problems infertility and conception. Even after conceiving, you should avoid them as it may cause your child’s abnormal growth or deformity.

Remember, you need to select the best IVF centre in Mumbai for your IUI procedure. They can thoroughly guide you on the treatment and give you guidelines that would make the procedure successful.