Sakshi and Kunal, aged 31 and 35, hitched for a long time without a child. And had nearly lost trust in encountering parenthood. They had been attempting normally for the initial two years and visited the Saraogi IVF center in Mumbai to seek advise for an IVF specialist. Because of constant pressure from loved ones, the couple, at last, chose to go for IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) treatment to conceive.

But, the stress and the disappointment of not conceiving had taken away their happiness. Post a few counseling meetings, they understood that they must be physically and mentally fit. Before undertaking the treatment and may need planning.

In recent years, acceptance of assisted reproductive technique (ART) to conceive has developed in India with an increase in infertility cases. Studies detailed that more than 100,000 IVF cycles are performed every year in India. Today, progressions in reproductive technology empower conception and childbirth in infertility conditions that were before supposed to be incurable.

Conditions that assume to be as untreated before like suctioning sperms from testicles, offering pregnancies to women with absent ovaries or females with menopause and hereditary deformities are now treatable.

Despite accomplishing the impossible, success in IVF cannot be certain always. As the implantation and development of a quality embryo in the uterus is a complex process including many blood connections, tissue growth, and immune reaction. The couple must know the process of IVF and plot their treatment.

70% of the couples visiting the Saraogi IVF center have a fair knowledge about IVF, its method, side effects, and the finances involved. Some are aware that they have to plan and opt for the treatment and our IVF doctors in Mumbai will be with you every step of the way.

How to prepare for an IVF cycle?

Before each IVF cycle, proper preparation will increase the probability of a successful result, reduce the side effects of fertility medicines, and help your body recover fast.

You must include the three keys, viz., nutritional, physical, and mental before scheduling IVF.

  • Nutritional: A healthy diet and enough hydration assure that your body is fit for the treatment. Taking essential vitamins and minerals enhances metabolism and yields good quality sperms and eggs. For example, folic acid helps in developing fetal tissues.
  • Physical: Being overweight or underweight can affect the probabilities of conceiving through IVF. Overweight or obese females often have complications with ovulation. Obesity in men has harmful effects on sperm motility and erectile function. These problems should resolve gradually to conceive a healthy baby. Regular exercise with a balanced diet helps maintain one’s weight in check.
  • Mental: An IVF cycle brings about several changes in a woman’s body and life. Reducing the stress levels through enough sleep and meditation is helpful. Spending quality time with family and providing emotional support to each other keep you relax before and after the treatment. Besides, couples can opt for counseling for anxiety as panic attacks interrupt the hormonal balance and disturb the quality of life.

The importance of the couple is toprepare from emotional stability to wellbeing and finances are very dynamic to do a successful IVF pregnancy.

Some of the guidelines you must follow before an IVF treatment are:

  • Learning about the IVF technique is the first most significant step. Do not hesitate from questioning the procedures, timings, and costs.
  • Time management and balancing is the next great step as hormones improve success. You can achieve this by proper sleep and rest.
  • Counseling by the experts helps the couple realize the value of IVF treatment. Often years of trying in vain and the constant visits to the doctor’s clinic make couples impatient. Hence making IVF a frightening treatment. Proper counseling helps avoid such negative feelings. But couples must plan a consultation with a fertility specialist after a visit and a routine check-up with their gynecologist.

Many couples head to fertility clinics as these places are now made keeping in mind the countless needs of infertile couples that may affect the happiness not only at the physical level but also at mental and emotional levels.

Start your IVF journey with positive thoughts and with an accurate understanding of IVF procedures. The embryo requires a uterus for developing into a fetus until its delivery. So, an encouraging situation improves the chances of a successful pregnancy.

It is important to know about the success rates of treatments and mentally be ready for failure too. Understanding the cause behind a failed IVF cycle and looking for the next treatment option with a positive attitude.

In short, a balanced diet, positivity, healthy routine, regular workout, and support from loved ones help the couple who is undertaking the treatment to prepare well in advance to manage the stress and discomfort during the journey of IVF.