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All you wanted to know about Donor eggs IVF

It is no surprise that advancement in test tube baby treatrment has occurred by leaps and bounds over the years. To add to the numerous dimensions of this advancement is the small...

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Infertility – The modern day disease

Diseases are known to come and go as epidemics and pandemics. Only a few diseases have been known to withstand the test of time and continue to increase in prevalence progressively year...

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Infertility Treatment at Saraogi Hospital – what makes us so good

Infertility is a global problem which affects about 1 in 7 pregnancies. The trouble with infertility is that people are often scared to accept the condition, often resulting is delayed diagnosis and...

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Management Of Failed IVF Cycle Treatment

Failed IVF cycles are the biggest dilemma and source of anxiety for patients seeking test tube baby treatment. While there could be a variety of reasons for the failure of IVF cycles,...

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What to do & what not to do in pregnancy?

Pregnancy and childbirth are undoubtedly one of the most important periods in a woman’s life. Amidst all the joy that pregnancy brings with it, comes its fair share of confusion as well....

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The Impact of Age on Fertility

On a daily basis, I get a lot of couples suffering from fertility related issues whom I counsel. Quite a few of these cases are those of secondary infertility, which means that...

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Understanding Male Infertility – The First Step to Getting Pregnant

Couples get married because they love one another and because they want to have a family. It is understandable that they get anxious when they do not get pregnant. This can be...

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Understanding Some Commonly Adopted Late Term Abortion Methods at Abortion Clinics

Abortion is a medical term, which means terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This is a complicated process that needs to be supervised by professional doctors and trained medical staff. The risk associated with...

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Saraogi Hospital – Best Gynaecologist in Mumbai

Saraogi hospital was established in 1980 with the single objective of providing the best in gynaecological and obstetric care to women across the city. A lot has changed over the last 35...

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