Based on the studies done via medical surveys which were undertaken by many medical organizations there are close to 10 to 15% of couples facing problems in conception. There are too many reasons which can affect the fertility of both women and men. Couples who are making an attempt to conceive without success are generally found keen to opt for IVF treatment. Some reputed IVF centres in Mumbai helped countless couples in conceiving babies through IVF treatment.

What exactly is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is basically a medically assisted reproductive method which helps in fertilization by pulling the eggs from woman ovary and by retrieving of sperm specimen from male partner, followed by manually integrating of egg and sperm under controlled temperature in laboratory dish, to make embryo(s). The healthy and well grown embryos then get transferred to mother uterus for further growth. Under the strict supervision of IVF specialist and embryologist the process is conducted in any IVF clinic in Mumbai.

Why to opt for IVF?

IVF treatment can offer the chance to couples who even after trying for 12 months failed to conceive, the opportunity to becomes parents to their biological child. Such treatment can also offer solution to couple who even after following many fertility treatment options failed to conceive. Women with fallopian tube congestion or men having low sperm count – both such partners can be treated with IVF treatment and given the chance to become proud parents.

Infertility is the condition where conception is not achieved in 12 months from making an effort to conceive. These days it is very common to see such cases, and about 15% of such couples face obstacles to conceive. Fertility problems are not restricted to men or women and in can be found in both.

Artificial insemination or IVF is an extensive clinical process. In this process eggs from female partners and sperms of male partner are matched to fertilize in laboratory to place it back to uterus. For couples who so far failed to make natural conceiving IVF procedure gives the scope to get a full term and healthy pregnancy.

What can be the reason for infertility in women?

Ovulation issues can occur for various hormonal dysfunctions. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may create abnormal or sometimes missing ovulation. Fallopian tube blockage may be the result of diverse inflammatory procedures due to proximity of fallopian tubes. Pelvic inflammatory disorder happens due to sexually transmitted disease (STD).

For such problems the movement of eggs through fallopian tube to reach Uterus gets reduced. Tube congestion can be diagnosed through hysterosalpingography (HSG) or laparoscopy by specialist in IVF centers in Mumbai. Cervical issues may occur because of cervical mucus abnormality or due to the presence of anti-sperm antibodies which damages sperm. Tests for thyroid performance, prolactin quantity, and levels of testosterone are also done in some IVF clinic in Mumbai.

It is found that women who are in mid-30s or above trying to conceive for a baby face issues because their eggs numbers starts reducing or are of lower quality. All such medical conditions in women can be treated with gift of science named IVF.