In most of the cases, falling pregnant usually seems very much straight forward but, it always becomes very much important to know the basic things which are needed to be done with one. After you conceive, you may think that what is actually needed to be done.

This 40 weeks period (or possibly less) needs to be well organized and meanwhile, you should make yourself ready for the baby. So, it is required to do effective planning and there comes the importance of pregnancy to do list.

Here is given an ultimate week by week to list for your pregnancy which you can consider following at the time of your pregnancy:

 Week 1: The countdown of your pregnancy generally starts from the very first day of your last period. So, the week one is considered to be the menstrual period. The expected delivery date is usually calculated from this date even though your baby has not been yet conceived. Again, the average length of gestation is counted at 40 weeks and the conception preferably happens at a period of two weeks later and so, in the womb, the baby usually spends about 38 weeks. At the time, the size of your baby is similar to half of a poppy seed.

 Week 2 – 4: In this period, fertilization has occurred and the developing baby is smaller than a rice grain by week 4. At this time, a pregnancy test is required to be done and the size of your baby is like a sesame seed.

 Week 5: You need to make an appointment with the doctor so that your pregnancy is confirmed by him/her. The size of your baby is like a single grain of Arborio Rice.

 Week 6: You are advised to go through pregnancy books and download apps which will help you to track progress. Otherwise, you can also buy a journal or diary for the purpose of tracking memories as well as milestones for your usual pregnancy duration. The size of your baby is like an orange seed.

 Week 7: You may experience morning sickness at this stage. So, it is advised to research as well as experiment with the help of remedies as everyone is different and this is the reason, there are different remedies which work for different people. The heart of your baby starts beating and the size of your baby is like a blueberry.

 Week 8: You need to decide on the place where your baby is going to be delivered. So, you are required to schedule your first prenatal appointment which occurs between weeks 8 – 12. In order to check the development of your baby, you should book in your first ultrasound. The size of your baby is like a raspberry.

  Week 9: At this stage, you are required to take note of the products which are being used in the workplace as well as home. Also, you need to note whether there are chemicals being used which could cause harm to your developing baby.
Wherever possible, it is advised to opt for some eco-friendly products. You should make sure of adequate ventilation at this period and the size of your baby is like a cherry.

 Week 10: You should start shopping for maternity clothes as you will preferably noticing some sorts of physical changes in your body at this stage. The size of your baby is like lychee during this period.

 Week 11: You need to make exercise as part of your daily routine and a simple walk of 30 minutes will do a lot of wonders for your baby and you and the size of your baby are like a mandarin.

 Week 12: You should inform of all the important options for you and so, it is required to check your works and maternity leave. At this stage, the size of your baby is like plum.

 Week 13: It is the perfect time to tell everyone about your wonderful news and so, you should plan for some wonderful ideas. During this stage, the size of your baby is like lime.

 Week 14: During this period, you should start taking photos of your baby belly and the size of your baby is like peach at this time.

 Week 15: It is time when you need to start effective planning of your baby budget. If you are taking off from the work and this helps in the reduction of your income then, you are required to research any government benefits that generally may be available to you. The size of your baby during this period is like an apple.

 Week 16: During the period of 18 to 20 weeks, you need to decide for your next ultrasound appointment and the size of your baby is like an avocado.

 Week 17: You should research as well as enroll in childbirth classes and also in order to book the classes, you need to contact that hospital where you are planning to give birth. The size of your baby is like a big onion at this stage.

 Week 18: It is the ultrasound time and the size of your baby is just like a sweet potato at this time.

 Week 19: At this period, the baby brain is usually kicking in and so, you should preferably do a favor for yourself by investing in a pen as well as notepad and get those reminders and lists for writing what you think of them. The size of your baby is like mango at this stage.

 Week 20: It is the halfway point and the size of your baby is like a banana.

 Week 21: You should start thinking of the possible names for your baby which involves a lot of discussions and so, in order to make the right decision, you may also feel pressurized. The size of your baby is as long as a carrot at this stage.

 Week 22: It is the perfect time to start planning your nursery and you should make a list with the essentials which are needed and focused. The size of your baby is like a paw.

 Week 23: You should preferably look into a pram that usually suits your lifestyle and so, it becomes easy to get in as well as out of your car. The size of your baby is like egg plant during this stage.

 Week 24: It is advised to research baby car seats or capsules and so, you should purchase those which you decide to go with. The size of your baby is like corn cob at this stage.

 Week 25: This is the time to look for childcare options if you are generally returning to work and the size of your baby is just like a pumpkin.

 Week 26:This is the most emotional time for you and so, you need to relax and also take some amount of time for you. You should opt to take a beauty treatment or catch up with some of your friends. Also, the size of your baby is as long as a zucchini.

 Week 27:It is the time to start planning the Baby Shower and so, you need to enlist the help of a friend. The size of your baby is like cauliflower at this period.

 Week 28: You need to finalize birth plans which involve decision regarding who is the person you wish to take to the birthing room with you. The size of your baby is like a large pumpkin.

 Week 29: This is the period where you start to feel really pregnant and you are started to get a little tired now and also your baby is generally having a field day inside. The size of your baby is like large butternut squash.

 Week 30: It is the time to pack your hospital bag and so, you should pack some loose comfortable clothing, a maternity bra, and maternity pads. Also, you should check and see whether you need to provide wipes, blankets, and nappies for your baby. The size of your baby is like a large cabbage.

 Week 31: You should preferably book a pregnancy photo shoot with a photographer at this time and the size of your baby is as long as a leek.

 Week 32: It is the baby shower time and you being the center of attention will enjoy the day. The size of your baby is like large cos lettuce.

 Week 33: You need to shop for all the remaining essentials at this period and the size of your baby is like a pineapple.

 Week 34: It is the time to wash all the clothes of the baby along with sheets, blankets as well as cloth nappies (if using) and the size of your baby is like a rockmelon.

 Week 35: You should relax and take some time for yourself at this stage as it is not a long way to go now. Also, you are advised to buy some good nursing pads as well as nursing bras at this stage. The last thing wanted us considered to the leaking milky boobs through your top and the size of your baby is like honeydew melon.

 Week 36: It is the best time to stock up on the groceries which can be either frozen or else stored in the pantry. So, you should involve in doing some meal preparation and also freeze some cooked meals as cooking is the last thing which you feel to be done.

 Week 37: A list of names, emails as well as phone numbers of those who are needed to be contacted once the baby arrives should be prepared. The size of your baby is like a piece of Kale at this period.

 Week 38: It is the best time to practice runs to the hospital and so, you should be aware of the fastest route and also that do not have much traffic. The size of your baby is like a stalk of rhubarb at this stage.

 Week 39: You should put your excited, anxious and impatient feet up at this time and everything is done and you should be organized. The size of your baby is like a small orange pumpkin at this stage.

 Week 40: This is the due date and you can go about enjoying, learning more and falling in love with your baby without stressing. The size of your baby is like watermelon at this time.

In this way, the entire article helps you to guide on a complete week by week to do list for your pregnancy. These tips will surely help you in your overall pregnancy time i.e. from week 1 to week 40.