Abortion is a medical term, which means terminating an unwanted pregnancy. This is a complicated process that needs to be supervised by professional doctors and trained medical staff. The risk associated with abortion increases as the duration of pregnancy increases. For example, in first trimester of pregnancy, abortion is considered to be easier as well as safer as compared to the second trimester of pregnancy. If the doctor and medical staff are not well-versed and experienced with the process, patients may suffer from life threatening complications such as excessive bleeding, infection, retained products and incomplete abortion. This is why it is important for a person, who wants to undergo abortion, to choose reputed, reliable and safe abortion clinics. Saraogi, being an IVF centre in Mumbai is also very reputed in providing all kinds of maternity services and also services like abortion.

Knowing Late Term Abortion

Second trimester abortion ( >12 weeks ) is a challenging medical procedure which requires authorization by 2 obstetricians. It must only be carried out by certified gynecologists, having experience in handling such cases & only in government recongnized abortion centres which are authorized to perform 2nd trimester MTP’s.. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby is almost formed. This is why at this time it gets risky for mothers to undergo abortion. MTP in India is only permitted till 20 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is safest before 8 weeks of pregnancy as there are lesser complications. But, in some cases, doctors have to do a late term abortion, especially when the baby has malformations or the mother suffers from various medical complications due to pregnancy.

Knowing the State’s Regulation of Abortion

In various countries, there are various rules or regulations regarding abortion. In India, there are some specific guidelines for abortion. Late term abortion is only allowed in India, only till 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, amendment of regulation has been suggested to extend till 24 weeks, but it is yet to be enacted. So, as per current guidelines, a pregnant woman can undergo an abortion at her second trimester of pregnancy, only till 20 weeks. Registered and certified Abortion Clinics in Malad have to follow these guidelines, as it is illegal to carry out abortion after 20 weeks.

General Abortion Methods

In professional and registered abortion clinics in Mumbai, abortion has been mainly recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy. Ample safe options are available there for abortion during this time frame.

Some of the common methods for abortion in the first trimester are:

  • Pills: Till 7 weeks of pregnancy, oral MTP pills are suggested or prescribed by a doctor. This is a simple process, as it does not involve any surgical process. In more than 93% cases, pills work perfectly. But, in some cases, it can fail. Going for this kind of abortion does not require indoor admission to a clinic.
  • Suction Evacuation: This is an advanced method of abortion. An electrical suction machine is used for sucking out the contents of the uterus.
  • MVA – Manual Vacuum Aspiration: This is a special method, where a device is involved in sucking out uterus content. IT is safer than conventional suction evacualtion as it is less traumatic to the uterus. 2nd trimester MTP requires indoor admission and can be a prolonged process. It requires constant supervision and continuous monitoring by an experienced gynaecologist. Visit our centre to consult our doctors. We also have the best Ivf doctors in Mumbai offering their expertise in IVF.