Couples get married because they love one another and because they want to have a family. It is understandable that they get anxious when they do not get pregnant.

This can be for a variety of reasons. Stress contributes to the problem, be it work or family related. If, however, after a year of trying pregnancy does not happen, then the next step is to test the couple for fertility problems. In some cases immediate testing is warranted for fertility problems – such as when the woman has irregular menstrual cycles, or if the intercourse is unbearably painful (dyspareunia), or if there is difficulty in the act of intercourse. In some cases the male may have a diagnosed semen problem which may warrant immediate assessment.

Contrary to popular myths – the male is as much responsible as the female in contributing to infertility. If the male is the one with a low sperm count, or has erectile dysfunction then he should go for fertility treatment. The Best IVF specialist in Mumbai is the place to start. These specialists have years of experience and they understand the worry that prospective parents face. Grandparents pose questions, as they also want grandchildren.

For couples seeking infertility treatment, we would advise them to visit one of the Best ivf Centre in Mumbai and take their advice. Often the first steps to improve fertility is good old common sense. For instance, if you are overweight, lose weight as it helps regularize the hormonal imbalance in the body. This is useful in both male and female infertility. The best ivf clinics in malad and goregaon – focus on checking the BMI of the patients on their booking visit and then guiding the patient to proper diet control & exercise so as to achieve the Desired BMI.Secondly, consider getting active. People get so involved with their lives that they often forget to take care of themselves.

Infertility itself is highly specialized subdivision of Obstetrics & Gynaecology which requires additional training & qualification & a dedicated infertility specialist for management of patients. Visiting just any gynaecologist for infertility treatment does not cut the deal as treatments and protocols often get mashed up & bungled. The age old saying is true – that half knowledge is dangerous knowledge.Its like going and seeing a cardiologist for a leg problem – it doesn’t fit. We recommend you go see one of the best infertility specialists in Mumbai for your infertility treatment.

We can proudly boast of having one of the best infertility specialists in Malad and Mumbai heading the fertility division of our hospital. When you come visit us – you will realize that IVF or test tube babies is only a last resort option and that there are many more affordable and viable solutions also available. We pride ourself on being one of the most affordable infertility clinics in Mumbai.

The third thing you should do is to have a look at your eating habits. Any good Ivf clinic in Malad west will undoubtedly tell you the same thing and that is that you should remove certain foods from your diet and include others. This is not always easy to do because it means a total overhaul of your life, as you know it. However there are no gains without pains and the reward on conceiving is more than adequate repayment for your efforts.

Other health related issues include smoking, drinking alcohol, and wearing tight-fitting clothing. Although on its own none of these issues could cause infertility a combination could have an adverse effect. It might be advisable to have a look at your health in its totality and take steps from there. A number of males have a condition known as varicocele which is dilatation of the veins of the genital area. This can often lead to a reduced sperm count and is usually treatable. Diagnosis of varicocele requires examination of the male partner. In some conditions their may be absence of the spermatic cord as well leading to infertility.

Age plays a role in fertility and the older you get, the lower your sperm count will be. However the effect of age on male infertility is far lesser than the effect of age on female infertility as men as old as 70 have also been known to successfully impregnate their wives. The first step in assessment of semen analysis is getting your semen analyzed from a reliable accredited lab that follow WHO guidelines in semen assessment. Ours is one such semen analysis centre in Malad West.

Infertility treatment is a spectrum which begins with planned relations, proceeds to IUI or donor insemination where required & has IVF, ICSI, use of donor gametes and Surrogacy at the end of the spectrum.There are Surrogacy clinics in Mumbai which can assist you in finding the appropriate surrogate as well where required.