Failed IVF cycles are the biggest dilemma and source of anxiety for patients seeking test tube baby treatment. While there could be a variety of reasons for the failure of IVF cycles, a large number of them are idiopathic (or without a reason).

Lately there have been a plethora of options which have been added to the treatment of these patients. They include:

  • Culture of embryos upto the blastocyst stage ( that is for 5 days instead of 3 days. This gives us better quality embryos to transfer) with a higher success rate for implantation.
  • Use & availability of newer drugs like growth factors (gcsf ) to improve the endometrial lining and in turn their receptivity to the embryo.
  • Use of techniques like endometrial scratching to improve endometrial receptivity to embryos. This is a procedure which involves mechanical irritation of the uterine lining in the cycle preceding the ivf cycle. This in turn causes the uterus to secrete a number of angiogenic growth factors which help improve the quality of the endometrium in the actual ivf cycle significantly improving implantation.
  • Use of certain media like embryo glue which marginally improve implantation rates.
  • Use of IMSI in indicated cases. IMSI as I have discussed elsewhere is the use of selective morphologically normal sperms for ICSI. These sperms are chosen under a magnification of approximately 6600 X.
  • In selected cases of recurrent IVF failure, the use of surrogacy or donor eggs for ICSI may be warranted. This is particularly true in cases where the uterus has been damaged or the woman is of a very advanced age.

At IRIS IVF Centre we incorporate these techniques by individualizing treatment protocol on a per case basis. By doing this we have achieved a number of successful pregnancies in cases of recurrent IVF Failure. For more details you can call up on 02228804927 and ask to speak with Dr. Mohit Saraogi.