What have been the newspaper front pages since last year?

Why are you working from home?

Why are there online classes for kids?

Why has everything been shifted from the offline to the online world?

Why has safety become so important?

All the above questions have a single answer. You guessed it correctly! It’s the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus has altered the course of our life. It has had a terrible impact on the entire world. This virus has infected several people. Many people have recovered, but some have died because of the illness. Anyone, especially those with a weakened immune system, can be infected by this virus. Pregnant women are more susceptible to contracting this virus! Yes, the danger of contracting coronavirus is higher in pregnant women since their immune systems are already compromised. Covid 19-positive pregnant women are more likely to deliver birth preterm and experience other pregnancy problems. If you are pregnant and experiencing pregnancy issues, you should get help from the top IVF doctor in Mumbai.

The link between pregnancy and coronavirus is discussed in this article. It also goes over the difficulties that Covid 19 might cause during pregnancy, as well as the treatment choices for pregnant women who have Covid 19.

Covid 19 instances are on the rise, especially in major cities like Mumbai. The new coronavirus has had a negative impact on Mumbai, for example. This is a source of concern for Mumbai residents, particularly pregnant women, who are more susceptible to coronavirus infection. And for pregnant women, it is not only a question about themselves but also about their unborn child. It’s not just one life on the line; two lives are on the line! Coronavirus can affect everyone, including those who have been born and those who have not yet been born! Yes, it has an impact on our unborn children. Furthermore, the immune systems of children are weak, rendering them more exposed to the dangerous coronavirus.

Pregnant women must take extra precautions and keep a safe distance from individuals and unsanitary environments if they do not want to lose touch with their children. If they do not wish to distance themselves from their life. If they want the deadly coronavirus to stay away from them and their baby, pregnant women must maintain social distance.

Remember, it’s not only about your safety; it’s also about your little angel’s safety. Coronavirus has the potential to affect not just people who are currently alive, but also those who are yet to be born. As a result, it is critical to remain vigilant for the sake of your child’s safety. It is critical to maintaining your health for the sake of your child’s health.

Let us now look at the issues that pregnant women with Covid 19 confront.

What are the risks to pregnant women who are infected by Covid 19?

Because of their weakened immune systems, pregnant women are more vulnerable to Covid 19. Pregnant women who have Covid 19 may experience pregnancy problems and may deliver their baby before the due date. If you are experiencing pregnancy issues because of Covid 19, you should get care from a Mumbai IVF clinic right once.

What are the covid 19 risk factors in pregnant women?

Covid 19 is caused by the following risk factors in pregnant women:

    • Coronavirus is especially dangerous to pregnant women with cardiovascular problems.
    • A coronavirus is more likely to affect pregnant women with diabetes.
    • Pregnant women of a higher age are more likely to contract the covid 19 virus.
    • Pregnant women with a high BMI are more likely to contract coronavirus.
    • The working and living environment of pregnant women has an impact on their chances of contracting the covid 19 virus. Health practitioners, for example, are more likely to contract the virus.

What is the technique for treating Covid 19 in pregnant women?

If a pregnant woman needs to be admitted to the hospital for COVID-19, care should be offered in a facility that can provide maternal and fetal monitoring. Pregnant women should not be denied potentially successful COVID-19 treatment due to theoretical concerns about therapeutic agent safety during pregnancy.

A few things to keep in mind:

    • Pregnant women can acquire the covid 19 vaccines to protect themselves and their unborn child from the new coronavirus.
    • Pregnant women can continue their pregnancy therapy and take the meds that their IVF specialist in Mumbai has prescribed. There is no evidence that some drugs render people more susceptible to coronavirus infection.
    • Pregnant women, like everyone else, should take precautions to avoid contracting the coronavirus, such as wearing masks, keeping a safe distance from others, and washing their hands routinely.


Everyone, especially pregnant women, is at risk from the Covid 19 virus. Pregnant women can protect themselves and their children from the deadly virus by following safety precautions and taking sufficient care. Vaccination acts as a shield, protecting not only the pregnant mother but also her unborn child from the effects of the coronavirus. Remember that Covid 19 cannot prevent you from becoming pregnant. A child’s life cannot be taken away by a virus that takes lives. It can’t stop a pregnant lady from having her child, which is her greatest delight. Even amid this difficult pandemic, a woman can have a healthy pregnancy. By following proper safety precautions, she can proceed with her pregnancy treatment from an IVF specialist in Mumbai and make her dream a reality. Troubles can’t stop her from experiencing joys!

It’s time to say yes to safety, to say yes to your dream, yes to your happiness!