Egg donation and surrogacy account for millions of all babies born in the world each year. Conceiving through egg donation and advanced reproductive technology has encouraged couples who would not otherwise be able to start families.

Egg donors are a medium through which couples with fertility problems can realize their dream of becoming parents.

Fortunately, more women than ever before are donating their eggs. It is a good thing for couples searching for the right match to help them start a family.

However, selecting an ideal donor is quite difficult as you have to consider many different factors during the selection process. No doubt, having a healthy donor is the main criteria, but what about the rest.

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Below are some of the essential factors you need to look out for while choosing an egg donor:

  •  Physical appearance: Physical appearance is one of the most crucial concerns for most couples. Finding an egg donor who matches the appearance in terms of height, body size, complexion, physical characteristics, and ethnic background is vital. Couples are looking for a donor who can fit in with their family as not everybody chooses to tell their families that they have used an egg donor.
  •  Medical history: Medical background appears to be the second most significant factor that couples consider when selecting an egg donor. A genetic counselor pre-screens all donors and rules out ones with significant medical history. Finding a donor who does not suffer from the same diseases or disabilities as the recipients are crucial.
  •  Education: Another factor that recipients consider is education. They want to know that the donor did well in school and put forth her best effort. It is essential to many recipients to believe intelligence is passed down genetically or believe she will contribute to the same commitment in her cycle.
  •  Blood type: If you are looking for an anonymous egg donor, matching your blood type with the donors may be beneficial. It will enable you to donate blood to your child if the need arises and provide you with more privacy. Some parents are unsure whether or not they will tell their kids about the egg donor.
  •  Repeat donors: Women that have been through the egg donation process once or many times are known as repeat donors. Using a repeat donor will give intended parents peace of mind because the donor has been through the procedure before, knows what to expect, and has reacted well to the medication. Although using a repeat donor over a first-time donor does not guarantee success, it does provide some benefits.
  •  Personality: Try to get a sense of the donor’s personality by going through the donor profiles. The donor’s response to questions will reveal more about her personality. You should select a donor with whom you can identify or with whom you could become friends.
  •  Follow your instincts: When you are going through donor profiles, it is easy to get caught up trying to find someone that fits everything on your list. Try not to put too much emphasis on a single characteristic. In the long run, parents who choose a donor who “feels just right” are the happiest. It is crucial to have a bond with your donor.

You can start your donor selection process by visiting an IVF clinic in Mumbai that will give you complete information that will help you choose the right egg donor.