Can you vote if you are below 18 years old?

Can a girl marry if she is below 18 years of age?

No! This is child marriage! And child marriage is a crime in India!

What will happen if aged people jump and run like small children?

They are sure to suffer from back pain and other complications!

What will happen if you are under 18 and drive a car?
It is illegal! You will have to bear a penalty!

There is a right time and right age for everything! If things are not done at the right age, it can lead to complications!

The same goes with pregnancy as well.

The likelihood of getting pregnant decreases with increasing age! The higher the age, the higher is the risk of pregnancy.

So, there is a right age for pregnancy as well! Not getting pregnant at the right age can increase pregnancy complications.

You might be thinking one can try for an IVF in such cases.

No! IVF can also not win against age. Although IVF treatment is a boon for infertile couples, it doesn’t 100% work in the case of older couples. Yes, but doing IVF treatment from the best IVF doctor in Mumbai and using donor eggs of young women can increase the success rate of IVF treatment.

Why does the success rate of pregnancy decrease with increasing age?

More than your age, what matters is the age of your eggs. As you grow older, your eggs too get older. The quality and quantity of your eggs decrease. Low-quality eggs lead to a low success rate of pregnancy. By the age of 40, the likelihood of getting pregnant and giving birth to your child is just about 5%.

Does age also affect the fertility rate of men?

Yes! Male fertility decreases with increasing age. Male fertility starts reducing around the age of 40-45. The quality of sperms also starts to reduce. Higher the age of men, the higher the complications in pregnancy. Children of older fathers are more prone to suffer from mental disorders. So, to give your children the right life, it is essential to give them life at the right time!

How does age affect the success rate of IVF treatments?

IVF treatment from an IVF specialist in Mumbai is indeed a blessing for young couples in Mumbai facing fertility issues. It is a blessing that helps them to get the biggest blessing of their life- their child. But this is not so when IVF treatment is done at an older age. The success rate of IVF treatment decreases with increasing age. The success rate of IVF treatment is about 32% in women aged 29 years and less. Whereas the success rate of IVF treatment is just 0.6% in women aged 45 years and more. Increasing age also increases the complications in pregnancy. Older women are at a higher risk of experiencing pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, etc. The IVF treatment cost in Mumbai is higher for higher-age couples.

Hey! But don’t get disappointed. There is some good news too!

What is the good news?

The good news is that older women in Mumbai can increase the success rate of pregnancy through IVF treatments by using donor eggs of younger women. This option is especially beneficial for women who are above 40 years of age.

But it is still advisable to get pregnant at a younger age. The success rate of pregnancy and IVF treatments is higher in younger couples. The quality of eggs and sperms is also good when one is young.


Are you 35 years old or younger?

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Why postpone the joys?

Why postpone your dreams?

By postponing your joys to tomorrow, you are turning your joys into sorrow!

What are you waiting for?

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