Many women in Mumbai suffer from obstructed fallopian tubes. Is this a problem you’re having as well? Your IVF specialist in Mumbai will talk about the blockage in fallopian tubes in this post. You will also learn how to get pregnant with this complication.

Let’s start with a discussion about what a fallopian tube obstruction is.

What is an obstructed fallopian tube?

The uterus and the ovaries are connected by tubes called fallopian tubes, which are female reproductive organs. The egg is transported from the ovary to your uterus via the tubes. It happens every month during your periods.

When you have clogged fallopian tubes, the sperm can not reach the egg, and the egg can not come to your uterus.

Let’s look at the symptoms of an obstructed fallopian tube as you know what they are.

Symptoms of an obstructed fallopian tube:

Symptoms of a clogged fallopian tube are rare. You may not realize you have clogged tubes until you try to conceive.

Clogged fallopian tubes can lead to mild, frequent pain in your abdomen in some circumstances. It is common in a sort of obstruction known as a hydrosalpinx.

Filling of fluid and swelling in a blocked fallopian tube is the symptom of hydrosalpinx.

The symptoms of a blocked fallopian tube differ depending on the cause. Endometriosis, for example, is characterized as acute pelvic discomfort and a high rate of periods. It increases your chances of developing a fallopian tube blockage.

Let’s talk about the reasons for obstructed fallopian tubes now:

A variety of factors can cause Fallopian tube blockage. These tubes are frequently blocked due to pelvic adhesions and scar tissue. Many things can contribute to this:

  • Inflammation in the pelvic can cause hydrosalpinx or scarring in the uterus.
  • Endometriosis is a condition in which endometrial tissue develops within your fallopian tubes, which causes an obstruction.
  • Gonorrhea, Toxoplasma, and Chlamydia are three sexually transmitted diseases that can scar and create inflammation.
  • Ectopic pregnancy in the past might damage your tubes.
  • Fibroids’ growths can obstruct the tubes, exactly where it connects to the uterus.
  • Any previous abdominal surgery, particularly on your fallopian tubes, might cause pelvic adhesions, blocking the tubes.

So what are the impact of obstructed fallopian tube on fertility?

Blocked fallopian tubes can be a primary reason for infertility. For fertilization, an egg and sperm contact in your fallopian tube. As a result, a blocked fallopian tube prevents them from the meeting.

Pregnancy is impossible without proper treatment if both the tubes are completely obstructed. You may become pregnant if your tubes are clogged partially. However, there can be a high risk of a rise in ectopic pregnancy.

It is difficult for an egg to reach your uterus through a barrier. In such cases, your physician may suggest In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

If your one fallopian tube is obstructed, it can not hamper your fertility. An egg can still pass through the healthy tube.

Now let us see how you know that your fallopian tubes are in good condition:

You will be aware of the situation of your fallopian tubes in numerous instances. One of the underlying problems will lead you to have symptoms like discharge, pelvic discomfort, or a high temperature. Women’s fallopian tubes can be damaged without causing any symptoms in rare situations.

We are fortunate that professionals have lately completed various rapid and thorough evaluations for all aspects of fertility. These tests evaluate your egg reserve levels, the health of your uterus, and the condition of your fallopian tubes are working correctly.

The specialist can test the fluid route or dye down your fallopian tube to check whether there is a path for an egg to travel from your fallopian tube. Your IVF specialist in Mumbai can do this through laparoscopy, which is the most reliable method.

X-ray hysterosalpingography is commonly performed as an outpatient treatment at a radiology facility. However, an ultrasound test called HyCoSy has mostly replaced this test.

It is carried out at the unit dedicated to fertility and helps to view fluid traveling down your tubes. It aids in determining if the tubes are open.

You may be asked to share your medical history with the specialist. It can help them figure out whether your fallopian tubes have any problem due to an underlying medical problem.

So, if you have obstructed fallopian tubes, how can you have a successful pregnancy? IVF therapy in Mumbai is the answer.

Is it possible for you to do IVF if you have an issue with fallopian tubes?

Your egg does not have to travel via the fallopian tube during the IVF treatment. It is collected from the ovary and fertilized in a laboratory. The embryo is then implanted in your uterus.

Infertility can be caused by blocked fallopian tubes, although it is still possible to conceive a child. IVF can assist you in conceiving a child and realizing your dream of becoming a mother. Visit Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai to learn more about the procedure and how it might assist you.