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Andheri : +91-9082514128 | Malad : +91-9930666930
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Surrogacy Center and Clinic in Mumbai

Surrogacy is the niche branch of fertility treatment that involves outsourcing of a womb in order to help a couple to conceive. It is a highly specialized field with only a handful of centers equipped to offer this service to needy patients.

Surrogacy treatment is a service which if not handled carefully can be filled with legal tangles. This is why we at IRIS IVF Center at Saraogi Hospital are proud to offer end to end solutions to patients in need for surrogacy treatment in Mumbai.
We have a strong legal team to ensure that all the paperwork is handled seamlessly and to ensure smooth handover of the baby at delivery to the commissioning couples.
Our surrogates are thoroughly screened for all kinds of diseases and illness and have had a history of a previous successful vaginal delivery, before getting recruited into the program. We thoroughly evaluate the uterine cavity of all our surrogates to ensure that they are ideal for carrying the pregnancy to term ( this is done by a procedure known as hysteroscopy ).
All our surrogates are kept in a surrogate home for the entire duration of pregnancy( 9 months ), where their dietary intake and intake of medicines is carefully supervised. Not only this, surrogate homes offer these ladies a chance to be socially rehabilitated and ensure for a timely Antenatal follow up & check up.
Each pregnant surrogate , is assigned a caretaker who carefully supervises the activities of the surrogate on a daily basis. Thus the commissioning couple can sleep peacefully knowing that their baby is well looked after.

Contrary to popular belief, surrogacy need not burn a hole in your pocket. For further details, you can contact Dr. Mohit on 9222432294.
We offer extremely attractive surrogacy packages, with the option of payment in installments so as to ensure a smooth and hassle free experience.

Hence come to IRIS IVF Center for surrogacy solutions from conception to delivery.