Saraogi Hospital
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Andheri : +91-9082514128 | Malad : +91-9930666930
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Obstetric Services
Antenatal check up -
(regular check ups during pregnancy ), tetanus immunizations, NST monitoring ( electronic fetal heart rate monitoring ) during pregnancy, timely sonographies.
Normal& Painless Delivery ( epidural analgesia ) –
We offer both normal delivery and painless delivery facility including Vaginal delivery after Caesarean Section ( VBAC ) in cases where it is possible.
Instrumental deliveries –
We are equipped to provide instrumental delivery by forceps or vaccum in indicated cases. Timely use of a vaccum or forcep in indicated cases can prevent and reduce the need for caesarean sections.
High Risk Pregnancy Management –
At SMGH we have 35 years experience in dealing with all kinds of complicated pregnancies such as hypertension in pregnancy (PIH), Diabetes in pregnancy, twins/triplets and higher order pregnancies, Heart disease in pregnancy etc.
Surgical and conservative management of ectopic pregnancies –
Ectopic pregnancy is a rare condition (occurs in 1% of all pregnancies ) in which the pregnancy instead of growing inside the uterus ( womb ) – grows inside the fallopian tubes. This can be potentially life threatening as if it ruptures – it can lead to massive bleeding inside the abdomen. Timely management of ectopic pregnancy can avert a disaster. The management usually involves surgical removal of the abnormal pregnancy and in some cases conservative management using injections.
Management of threatened abortions –
Very often cases of threatened abortions ( where the mouth of the uterus has opened during pregnancy prematurely) can be managed managed surgically by putting a cervical stitch.
Stem Cell Services and Cord blood Banking -
We offer our patients the option of cord blood and umbilical cord storage for future use.
We have a Paediatrician on appointment basis for immunization and infant and child health care.