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Minimal Invasive Surgery/ Laproscopic Surgery Services

In the new era of gynaecological surgery, complex surgical procedures can be performed though mini incisions on the abdomen with the help of highly specialized instruments and monitors. These instruments include a laparoscope( a modified telescope ) and several accessory instruments. The incisions required for laparoscopic surgery usually range from 2 to 4 in number, with each incision being less than a cm long. Laparoscopic surgeries have the advantage of having smaller and more cosmetic scars on the abdomen ( althoughthe number is increased ) and are usually associated with lesser post operative pain and quicker post operative recovery. However not all surgeries fit the criteria of laparoscopic surgeries and individualization of the cases needs to be done.

The kinds of minimal invasive surgeries available include:

  1. Hysteroscopy –
    This involves inserting a hysteroscope( modified telescope )into the uterus and visualizing the inside of the uterine cavity. Abnormalities within the uterine cavity can be diagnosed & often treated using hysteroscopy.
  1. Laparoscopy –
    This involves the insertion of a laparoscope into the abdominal cavity. Abnormalities of the uterus, the ovaries and other organs in the abdomen and pelvis can be detected under direct visualization. Laparoscopy permits us to take biopsies of abnormal looking lesions and permits us to perform therapeutic surgeries in selected cases.