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IVF Pricing and packages

IVF pricing and packages is a subject filled with misconceptions. While most people believe that test tube babies are an unaffordable mode of treatment. We at IRIS IVF center are proud to beat this myth. IVF packages in our centre range from Rs 1 to 1.15lacs for 1 IVF cycle ( all inclusive, including medicines worth 40 to 60000, disposables, media and treatment ) to Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.7 lacs for 2 IVF Cycles* ( all inclusive ) (* Subject to availability of spare embryos for freezing and within 5 months of freezing ).

Our prices remain the same for both IVF and ICSI. The price range in our treatment stems from the fact that different quantities of injections are required for different people based on their age and ovarian reserve.

We offer the option of freezing of spare embryos at a most competitive price of Rs 20000 per year or Rs 15000 for 6 months ( percryolock which can store upto 4 embryos).

Following freezing of embryos, these embryos can be thawed ( reverse of freezing ) and can be inserted into the uterine cavity after building p the endometrial lining. The success rate in these cycles (FET – frozen embryo transfer ) is equivalent or better than that of fresh embryo transfer.

One thing that remains unchanged in our line of treatment, is our relentless attention to detail & our use of the best quality of media, disposables and injections available in the market. We at IRIS IVF Centre absolutely refuse to compromise on our quality.