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IVF Treatment in Mumbai-Infertility Services

When it is infertility treatment that you are looking for – IRIS IVF Centre at Saraogi Hospital is arguably one of the best IVF centres in Mumbai. The hallmark of this centre is to provide the best quality infertility treatment at most reasonable prices making it a clinic for Best IVF Clinic in Mumbai. Iris IVF centre at Saraogi Hospital is one of the few ivf clinics in Malad West or for that matter Mumbai which offers all fertility solutions ranging from IUI, Donor Insemination, IVF & ICSI to Surrogacy under one roof. The centre is headed by Dr. Mohit Saraogi who is an alumunus of the prestigious Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital ( Mumbai ). He is a gold medallist in DGO, FCPS & ICOG Exams at an All India Level & he topped the country in the infertility fellowship. His personal achievements make him one of the best infertility specialists in Mumbai & also one of the most sought after. So if it is an ivf clinic in malad west or Mumbai that you are looking for – the solution to all problems is at Saraogi Hospital & IRIS IVF Centre.

Infertility ( inability to conceive ) is an agonizing predicament found in about 15% women in developing countries. The causes of infertility can be numerous and diagnosis and treatment requires detailed evaluation of both the male and female partner. 35% cases of infertility are due to problems in the man, another 35% due to problems in the female, 20% due to a combination of factors in both the male and the female & 10% cases are due to unexplained infertility.
There are numerous treatment options available and offered for infertility. They include. :-

Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COS) –
Controlled ovarian stimulation is the stimulation of the ovaries by drugs to produce one or more follicles. (containing eggs/oocytes). It is useful in women who do not undergo timely ovulation. This growth of follicles containg eggs can be monitored by serial ultrasonographic monitoring. With this monitoring the most fertile window for conceiving can be predicted and timely action can be taken as required to assist conception ( timed intercourse/ IUI )
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation( superovulation ) –
This procedure involves stimulation of the ovaries to produce several follicles in contrast to COS where only one or 2 follicles are stimulated. This procedure is usually accompanied by IUI and involves administration of injections and oral medications.
IUI or Intrauterine Insemination –
Intrauterine Insemination IUI
This is a novel procedure which involves collection of semen (sperm )in a Laboratory followed by washing and cleaning of sperms. The dead and immotile sperms along with the debris are removed from the sample. The remaining best quality sperms are aseptically injected into the intrauterine cavity using a special cannula in the operation theatre. The procedure of IUI is preceeded by controlled ovarian stimulation or superovulation ( read above ).In normal cases the success rates of IUI are 10 to 15% in each cycle. Hence several cycles of IUI may be reuired for optimum results.
Ovum Pick up/ Oocyte collection -
This is a delicate procedure. In this procedure a womens ovaries are stimulated artificially to produce a number of eggs with the help of injections and oral medications. The growth of these follicles ( containing eggs ) is monitored daily with the help of ultasonography. It is a dynamic process as the dosage of drugs & injections needs to be adjusted daily based on a womans response to the medicines. Each woman’s ovary has a different response and hence the number and dosage of injections cannot be predicted in advance. Once adequate number of follicles are ready a small surgical procedure is carried out in the operation theatre known as Ovum Pick Up. This is carried out under anaesthesia and involves removal of all the microscopic eggs from the follicles with the help of sonography. The entire procedure is carried out in a dedicated highly sterile environment (operation theatre ) to prevent any kind of contamination to the eggs. The sterile environment is an absolute prerequisite for optimum success rates in IVF/ ICSI cycles. Once the eggs are collected, they are processed in the laboratory and subject to IVF/ ICSI( below ).
Ovum Pick up
IVF or In Vitro Fertilization -
This procedure is preceeded by oocyte collection or ovum pick up. Once that is done the best quality eggs which fit certain eligibility criteria are allowed to naturally fertilize with washed sperms in special media under regulated temperature and PH conditions. The embryos so formed are evaluated daily and the best quality embryos are transferred eventually into the uterine cavity under sonographic guidance. This procedure is associated with a much higher success rate for pregnancy.
Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection – This is an alternative and more advanced procedure to IVF. It involves artificially selecting a single sperm and injecting it using a microneedle into the selected oocyte (egg). This ensures a higher fertilization rate and is associated with a high pregnancy rate as well.The procedure is carried out using micropipettes by trained specialist under 400X magnification.Injection of a single sperm into the egg after magnifying the egg 400 times with a microscope
 Vitro Fertilization
Embryo Transfer -
Following ICSI or IVF procedure, the embryos which are cultured in the laboratory are eventually transferred back in the uterus under ultrasonographic guidance. Should the embryos successfully implant, this results in a successful pregnancy.
Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection Embryo Transfer