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Infertility is a common problem which at least 27 million couples in India face. The lonely journey of life without a child is extremely frustrating that makes the majority of the couples opt for IVF treatment.

People usually consider that infertility is a condition specific to women. It is likely to be 40-50% in the case of women and 30-40 in the case of men. The reasons attributed to female infertility are uterine fibroids, irregular periods, when there is a failure in the implantation of the embryo within the uterine wall, etc. Whereas, male infertility may be due to health issues and genetic reasons.

Even though the success rate of IVF may or may not be always be successful, many of the young couples find a ray of hope in this treatment to get an offspring. This treatment helps a woman to conceive as it improves the fertility, healthy development of an embryo and proper implantation of the embryo in the uterus. Usually, a couple waits for 2 to 3 years after their marriage expecting their first child. When conceiving by natural means seems impossible, they approach a doctor to conceive through artificial methods.

IVF Life Cycle

IVF centre in India

IVF centers in India provide the best services with IVF specialist doctors. The following are some of IVF center which provides reliable services and offer a good amount of success rate to IVF treatment.

  1. Saraogi Hospital: This hospital has the best doctors available in Mumbai. It has an Andrology lab, ICSI machine, incubator and all other modern facilities required to help patients conceive. There are 4 gynecologists Dr. Roopa Prasad, Dr. Mohit Saraogi, Dr. Rashmi Saraogi, Dr. Rm Saraogi who provide IVF treatment.
  2. Max healthcare: Is another hospital with very modern facilities for IVF. They have hospitals almost all over North India, and Max healthcare provides unparalleled services in all fields of medicine.
  3. Infertility India: This hospital is a boon to those childless couples as they have bestowed parenthood for a lot of such patients. The success rate of IVF treatment in this hospital is very high. This is a group of hospitals in Delhi, Mumbai, and other Indian states.
  4. Apollo group: They also have helped a lot of childless couples, and the success rate of IVF treatment is fairly high.

Why choose Saraogi Hospital?

The availability of low-cost yet advanced IVF technology, skilled doctors, and quality sperm and egg banks are some of the leading reasons why Saraogi Hospital is the Best IVF Centre in India. Each year, thousands of infertile couples from within India and abroad undergo this procedure, Saraogi Hospital has a goal to help them conceive in the first attempt itself.

Here the best IVF doctor in India keep themselves abreast with the changing IVF technology by attending seminars, workshops, and training conducted within India and abroad to ensure that they are on the ball and always prepared to face the worst, which is why they’ve been successful in making it the best IVF centre in Mumbai, India.

An IVF Centre in India must have the following services:

  1. An in house andrology lab
  2. An IVF lab
  3. Sonographer facility
  4. Infrastructure to carry out perform IVF
  5. Skilled manpower
  6. An IVF specialist trained in obstetrics and gynaecology
  7. The centre has good embryologist

Saraogi Services

IVF Cost in India

The treatment cost of IVF is affordable in India compared as to other countries, it depends on the patient’s body framework too. Some people may be lucky enough to conceive after 1 IVF sitting, whereas, there are people who struggle to get pregnant even after 4 to 5 sittings. The cost varies significantly in both cases.

Saraogi Hospital offers exciting packages and most affordable IVF cost in Mumbai, like – IVF cycles for Rs.150000.00 – 170000.00 which is inclusive of the medicines, treatment, media, and disposables. Medication cost is around Rs.40,000 – 60,000. This package depends on the availability of extra embryos for freezing and the second cycle has to be done within 5 months of freezing the embryos. It also depends on the type of treatment (Laparoscopy, Hysteroscopy, IUI) you opt for. We can’t assume the upper limit regarding the cost of Assisted Reproductive Technology treatment where the fusion of an egg and sperm happens outside the body.

IVF cost in India is much less than the developed countries like the US, the UK where you will have to pay approximately $12000 (Rs. 840000.00) whereas in India it is possible in just $3500 (Rs. 245000/-)

Cost break down of IVF packages is as follows:

IVF Package INR US $
Initial consultation Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500 $14.03 - $21.04
IVF / ICSI Rs. 80000 - Rs. 100000 $1122.16 - $1402.70
Medications Rs. 60000 - Rs. 75000 $841.62 - $1052.02
Blood Tests Rs. 20000 - Rs. 25000 $280.54 - $350.68

* Prices are rough estimate based on general comparison done for IVF Center in India.

Cost estimation of IVF in India with respect to IVF abroad:

Country US $ INR
U. S. A. $12000 to $15000 Rs.840000 – Rs.1050000
Singapore $6500 to $10000 Rs.455000 – Rs.700000
U. K $8000 to $15000 Rs.560000 – Rs.1050000
India $3500 to $6500 Rs.245000 – Rs.455000.

Cost information for other IVF related procedures in India

Cost of IVF in India

IVF cost in India is ₹90,000 – ₹100,000 at IRIS IVF center, Mumbai, India. The IVF cost in India is affordable. The IVF package includes medicines, treatment, and disposables. Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center uses the best quality of medication and medical equipment available in the market. Saraogi Hospital also provide budget IVF. In budget IVF, only the amount of medication is decreased so the woman will produce half of number of eggs in this IVF procedure. The rest service quality will be same.

Cost of IVF at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center:

Treatment INR US $
IVF ₹90,000 - ₹1,00,00 $1269.72 - $1410.80
2 cycle IVF package + embryo freezing ₹1,50,000 - ₹1,70,000 $2116.20 - $2398.36
IVF with donor oocytes ₹2,00,000 - ₹2,20,000 $2821.60 - $3103.76
Budget IVF ₹75,000 - ₹85,000 $1058.10 - $1199.18
Medication ₹40,000 - ₹60,000 $564.32 - $846.48

Cost of IUI in India

The cost of IUI treatment ranges from ₹6,000- ₹9,000. IUI(Intrauterine Insemination) is also known as Artificial Insemination. IUI is a simpler treatment as compare to basic IVF treatment. In the IUI fertility treatment, sperms are directly placed in a woman’s uterus. IUI treatment in India is less expensive than other infertility treatments. Mostly IUI is recommended by doctors when there is unexplained woman infertility.

Cost of IUI treatment at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center:

Treatment INR US $
IUI ₹10,000 - ₹15,000 $141.29 - $211.94
IUI with Sperm Donor ₹12,000 - ₹16,000 $169.55 - $226.07

Cost of FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) in India

FET cost at IRIS Ivf center is ₹35,000- ₹40,000($493.78-$564.32) The frozen embryo transfer process is part of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) which is used for infertility women’s treatment. Now a day’s couples freeze their embryos which can be used at a later date as per convenience. When required, the frozen embryos are retrieved and then transferred to the women’s uterus. In our IRIS IVF center, FET is used for the 2nd cycle of IVF.

Cost of ICSI in India

ICSI cost at IRIS Ivf center is between ₹1,10,000- ₹1,30,000. ICSI is an advanced technique for fertility treatment. Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is generally used for people who suffer from male fertility issues such as poor sperm quality or low sperm count. In this ICSI treatment, a single sperm is directly injected into the egg so as to boost the fertilization.

Cost of ICSI treatment at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center:

Treatment INR US $
ICSI ₹1,10,000- ₹1,30,000 $1551.88- $1834.04
ICSI with frozen embryo ₹1,35,000- ₹1,50,000 $1904.58- $2116.20
Medication Charges ₹50,000- ₹70,000 $705.40- $987.56

Cost of IMSI in India

IMSI cost at IRIS IVF center in India is between ₹145,000 – ₹165000. IMSI is recommended by doctors in India when there are several male infertility problems like low sperm count or abnormally shaped sperm. IMSI cost in India is expensive than ICSI treatment because of the hi-tech equipment usage.

Cost of IMSI treatment at Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center:

Treatment INR US $
IMSI treatment ₹1,45,000- ₹1,65,000 $2045.66- $2327.82
Medication Charges ₹50,000- ₹75,000 $705.40- $1058.10

Laser-Assisted Hatching cost in India

Laser-assisted hatching cost ranges from ₹15,000- ₹17,000 ($211.62-$239.84). As assisted hatching can be done in two ways, one is by using chemicals (acid tyrodes) and second is by using a laser. IRIS IVF center provides the latest laser-assisted hatching treatment.

Surrogacy cost in India

Saraogi Hospital and IRIS IVF center is the best center for gestational surrogacy. Gestational surrogacy is an advanced type of surrogacy. The hospital provides surrogacy services to the needy patients. The cost of Surrogacy at Saraogi Hospital is between ₹10,00,000 – ₹11,00,000($14108 – $15518.80 ). Here at Saraogi hospital EMI facility is also available for surrogacy.

There is another treatment of surrogacy called as Hysterectomy treatment where another woman has to carry her embryo in her womb. It will cost around 8 to 10 Lakhs. IRIS IVF center has a strong legal team to look after all the legal work related to surrogacy with detailed paperwork. Different types of packages are available at our Hospital.

Best IVF doctors in India

Dr. R.M Saraogi

M.D. , D.G.O., F.C.P.S, F.I.C.O.G, M.B.B.S

Dr. R.M Saraogi has 35 years of experience in obstetrics and gynecology. He was a professor and Head of Obstetric Department in Dr. R.N Cooper Hospital. He has been honoured with FOGSI CORIAN award for Meshplasty for treating SUI. He has also published the book called HIV in pregnancy. He is listed among the best IVF doctor in Mumbai,India. He has a success rate of 49% to 51%.

Dr R.M Saraogi

Dr. Rashmi Saraogi

M.D. , M.B.B.S

Dr. Rashmi Saraogi has over 35 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynecology as an IVF Doctor/Specialist/Gynecologist . She is an expert in infertility treatments. She believes in putting all her efforts to give her best to the patients. A lot of patients prefer Saraogi hospital over other IVF centres in India for fertility treatment, as they feel more comfortable with female doctors especially when they are so good at what they do. This university topper from Seth GS Medical College in 1977 in First M.B.B. has a success rate of 45% to 50%.

Dr. Rashmi Saraogi

Dr. Mohit Saraogi

M.D, D.N.B, D.G.O, F.C.P.S,I.C.O.G(Fellow), M.B.B.S., M.N.A.M.S

Dr. Mohit Saraogi is one of the best IVF doctor in India with more than 12 years of experience in the field of IVF. Right now, he is working as an infertility expert, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Saraogi Hospital. He has a success rate of 45% to 50% which is a more than average rate for IVF treatment.

Dr. Mohit Saraogi

Dr. Roopa Prasad

M.D., D.N.B., M.B.B.S, M.N.A.M.S

Dr. Roopa Prasad has an experience of 8 years of experience in Minimal Invasive Surgery and higher risk obstetrics. She is an expert gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon at Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai and is considered to be one of the best IVF doctor in India. She has a success rate of 45% to 49% which is a more than average rate for IVF treatment.

Dr. Roopa Prasad

Dr. Tejswita Hande


Dr. Tejswita Hande is a young and dedicated Gynecologist and Obstetrician with special interest in fertility treatments. Having been trained under top doctors and surgeons she has confidently handled many complicated cases. Further, she keeps herself abreast with the latest developments in this field. she is also an active member of many medical associations. Her areas of interest being reproductive medicine and assisted reproductive technology. He has even published papers and has a few publications in her name. She has done fellowship in reproductive medicine and ART.

Dr. Tejswita Hande

Why do medical tourists choose an IVF Centre in India?

  • Low cost yet advanced IVF technology is available.
  • Skilled doctors who have a quality experience from abroad and complete knowledge about the latest technological advancements in infertility treatment, thus they’re in safe hands.
  • Quality sperm and egg banks are easily available
  • Fully equipped operation theatres (OT).
  • Labour room
  • Neonatal intensive care units (NICU).
  • Special infertility wing to look after the needs of the couple seeking treatment.
  • Andrology lab to deal with men’s health.
  • Consultation from some of the best IVF doctor in India is provided even before their arrival into the country.
  • The Government of India allows women who are single mothers, up to 55 years of age and same-sex couples seek IVF treatment in India and these regulations are applicable upon the medical tourists as well which is one of the major reasons which attract medical tourists.
  • English speaking staff removes the language barrier.

Other IVF treatments performed at IVF center in India

Transvaginal Ovum retrieval

Transvaginal Ovum retrieval

This procedure involves taking out the ovum of the female patient with the help of ultrasound technology. Inserting a tiny needle in the hind part of the vagina to take out fluids containing eggs. This needle is inserted directly into the ovarian follicle to retrieve eggs for fertilization. After the sperm merges with the egg, it is implanted into the wall of the uterus of the patient. To increase the probability to get pregnant, the doctors implant two or more fused eggs in the uterus of the patient.

Assisted Zona hatching

Assisted Zona hatching

In this process, the doctors make a minor hole in the outer covering surrounding the embryo to place it in the uterus wall. Acid or a laser beam is used to make a hole.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination

In this treatment, with the help of a catheter, the doctor inserts the sperm into the egg during ovulation period of the patient. The doctors choose those sperms with high mobility to increase the chance of fertilization. If the doctors find the sperm to be of low quality or the zona of the eggs are very hard, many improvements are done before starting with the IVF treatment.


It is very interesting to note that many foreigners from different parts of the world travel to India for IVF treatment. Many of them are looking for this treatment along with a donor to help them conceive. There is a significant improvement in the success rate of this treatment over the years. Moreover, India assures world-class facilities along with the most modern treatment for foreign patients. India has the best specialist doctors along with consultants that help the foreign patients choose the IVF hospital of their choice.

To top it all, almost every IVF centers have in house consultants to tide over the hard times because of a failed IVF attempt. This way, a patient can handle their emotions in a better way. The cost of this treatment is affordable compared to many countries which is one of the reasons why foreigners opt for India for this treatment.

  • Affordability is the main reason why patient’s outside India seek treatment here.
  • Highly experienced and qualified doctors.
  • IVF centre’s in India are technologically advanced with latest techniques with all possible treatment options.
  • Many IVF centre in India also provide per-consultation to foreign patients before they actually visit and plan for their IVF treatment in India.

Medical Tourism for IVF in India at Saraogi Hospital

  1. Pre-consultation Services: Saraogi hospital provides pre-consultation services to the international patient. This service helps doctors to understand the mental health of the patient before the actual treatment. Pre-consultation on the phone also helps patients to gain confidence in the Hospital.
  2. Certified experts: Saraogi Hospital has a strong base of qualified, experienced and highly skilled doctors. Doctors are renowned experts in the field of IVF. Doctors from Saraogi Hospital help to get the best infertility treatment for every couple.
  3. Patient-centric treatment: In Saraogi Hospital, treatments are given as per the requirement of patients. Saraogi Hospital strives hard to provide the best to satisfy its patients. The patient centric approach of Saraogi Hospital helps the patient to get successful IVF treatment.
  4. No waiting time: Many developed countries have a long waiting list for IVF treatment. There are less waiting lists in Saraogi hospital. Saraogi Hospital provides immediate treatment to international patients.
  5. Skills and technology: IFV treatment requires different types of equipment and machinery. Saraogi hospital has the latest machinery that can help in IVF treatment. Saraogi Hospital provides standardized medical treatment and services with the help of the latest technology.

IVF in India Laws

With the advent of IVF treatment and the growing number of clinics in India, the Indian council of medical research came up with a draft containing guidelines governing the IVF treatment in 2002. Later, in 2005, the Indian ministry of health and family welfare, knowing the need of the hour to come up with laws to regulate this treatment, made some changes in the already drafted guidelines and published it. Now Assisted Reproduction technology bill, 2008 regulates the provisions relating to IVF treatment.


Limitless. You can try till you conceive. Usually, 8-10 sittings will be enough to get pregnant.
  1. Ovarian reserve test to know how many eggs are there in a patient’s body.
  2. HyCoSy is an ultrasound test to check the condition of the patient’s uterus, Fallopian tube.
  3. This will make sure the treatment can be done effectively and there is no blockage in the Fallopian tube.
  4. Semen evaluation tests to check the sperm count and the mobility factor of the sperms.
  5. Both husband and wife will have to undergo a test for infectious diseases.
This treatment can make a woman up to the age of 40 can conceive using this treatment. But after the age of 44, this treatment will not produce effective results.
Contrary to the popular belief, the patients can lift heavy items and this can’t lead to miscarriage.
IVF is not an inpatient procedure. So the patient need not stay in the hospital.