Saraogi Hospital
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Andheri : +91-9082514128 | Malad : +91-9930666930

Saraogi Maternity and General Hospital was established in 1980 with the objective of providing world - class obstetric and gynaecological health care to all. Under the guidance of our chairman – Professor Dr. Rajendra .M. Saraogi, we have had the fortune of treating & improving the quality of life of numerous women over the last 34 years & delivering countless babies.

Our work philosophy revolves around personalized health care, with increased emphasis on doctor - patient relationship. We believe in guiding & accompanying you at every step of the way through all your gynaecological and obstetric requirements.

At Saraogi Hospital we have the best equipment, infrastructure & faculty under one roof, thus making it a one - stop destination for all obstetric and gynaecological relatedproblems. Our scope of services include routine ante – natal checkups, deliveries(pregnancy related services), endoscopic procedures ( minimally invasive surgery), open gynaecological procedures, oncology surgeries (cancer related surgeries)& infertility solutions. All our practicesare in accordance with the latest recommendations & guidelines as set by International Obstetric & Gynaecological organizations..

Our panel of doctors are extremely well qualified & committed to providing you with the best possible health care.