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Abortion is a stigmatized word which invokes deep seated emotions. It has both physical and emotional consequences for a woman undergoing the procedure. It is a sensitive issue and the reasons why a woman needs to undergo abortion or has to undergo abortion is best known to herself. The legal guidelines in India allow medical termination of pregnancy or abortion upto 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion can be classified as first trimester (upto 12 weeks) or second trimester (upto 20 weeks). Although there are numerous abortion clinics in Malad, Andheri or Mumbai for that matter, very few are government recognized abortion centres upto 20 weeks.

Most abortion centres are authorized to perform the procedure only upto the first trimester. Also while performing second trimester MTP’s, it is of utmost importance to maintain strict vigilance and have continuous monitoring as the procedure is no less complicated than a mini labour. At Saraogi Hospital, ours is one of the few abortion clinics to offer MTP in indicated cases upto 20 weeks.

In indicated cases we provide the patient with MTP (Services). MTP can be of the following types:

1st trimester MTP

This can be by:

  • Pills: This is effective upto 7 weeks of pregnancy & can usually be done as an OPD procedure. (dies not require indoor admission)
  • Suction evacuation: The contents of the uterus (Products of conception are sucked out using an electrical suction machine)
  • MVA: Manual Vaccum Aspiration – This is a special atraumaticdevice which can be used to suck out the contents of the uterus.
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2nd Trimester MTP

This is a complicated procedure which requires indoor admission. The procedure is relatively more risky and requires continuous monitoring of the well being of the patient. It is performed in certain indicated cases.